vrijdag, april 06, 2007

Muziek om op te schieten

Absence Of Photographs - Norfolk & Western: 'Centralia'
Adamski Photographs - Michael Manning: 'The Book Of Flame'
All The Negatives Have Been Destroyed - Spoon: 'Telephono'
All the Pictures on the Wall - Paul Weller: 'Wild Wood'
Angel Of The Centerfold - J. Geils Band
Any world that I'm welcome to - Steely Dan: 'Katy Lied'
At Home Alone: A Faded Old Photograph - Robert Starer: 'Excursions For A Pianist'

Bad Photographer - Saint Etienne
Bars And Photographs - Cola: 'Whatnot'
Cecil Beaton's Scrapbook - The Would-Be-Goods: 'The Camera Loves Me'
Before The Photograph - Noel Redding: 'Clonakilty Cowboys/Blowin'
Black & White - Elvis Costello
Black & White Photograph - Corbin/Hanner
Blur In The Photograph - Anne Hills: 'Bittersweet Street'
Burned Your Photograph - Lucy Loves Schroeder: 'Lucy Is A Band'

Camera - Crosby, Stills & Nash: 'After The Storm'
Camera - REM: 'Reckoning'
Camera - Robert-Jan Stips: 'U.P.'
Camera Eye - Rush
Camera Obscura - Enigma
Camera Obscura - Paul Melancon
Camera Obscura - Nico
The Camera Loves Me - The Would-Be-Goods
My Camera Never Lies - Bucks Fizz
The Camera Never Lies - Elton John
The Camera Never Lies - Michael Franks
Cameras In Paris - The Fixx: 'Shuttered Room'
Cancer On The Photograph - Crazy Mary: 'She Comes In Waves'
Captured In Photographs - Museum: 'Lost'
Carrying Photographs - Simpatico: 'The Difference Between Alone & Lonely'
Castro Eating Bananas - Mighty Sparrow
Centerfold - J. Geils Band
Chez Le Photographe Du Motel - Miles Davis: 'L'ascenseur pour l'échafaud'
Copy - Plastics

Darkroom - Paul McCartney: 'McCartney II'
Days To Come (In Photographs) - Circulatory System: 'Circulatory System'
Death of Sarah Lucas - Luke Haines
Developing My Pictures - George Jones
Distant Camera - Neil Young: 'Silver & Gold'
Don't Look At Photographs - Doktor Kosmos: 'Cocktail'
Dream Photography - Coil
Dylan discusses the cover photograph of his upcoming album, 'Highway 61 Revisited' - 'Summer Of Love: Highway Of Diamonds/An Evening With Bob Dylan' (exclusive inside interview)

8x10 - Bill Anderson
Eudora Welty's Photographs - Semicolon: 'Semi-Naked Self'
Evelyn's Polaroids - Mary Melena: 'Something Passing Through'
Every Picture Tells A Story - Rod Stewart
Everyone Says Hi - David Bowie: 'Heathen'
Eye Of The Lens - Comsat Angels

Face In The Photograph - Yanni: 'The Very Best Of Yanni'
Faded Photograph - Whispering Jack Smith: 'Me And My Shadow'
Faded Photographs - Lyle McGuiness: 'Acting On Impulse'
Faded Photographs - Abraxas: 'Tomorrow's World'
Family Photographs - Erich Glaubitz Band: 'Mystic Chords Of Memory'
Family Snapshot - Peter Gabriel: 'Peter Gabriel #3'
Family Portrait - Pink
Fingerprints And Photographs - Kevin Devine: 'Circle Gets The Square'
Fool In The Photograph - Sunny Day Real Estate: 'The Rising Tide'
Foto's en een souvenir - Cornelis Vreeswijk
Fotografia - Nelly Furtado
Frames Without Photographs - The 77's : 'The 77's'
Freeze Frame - J. Geils Band
From A Photograph - Chris Whitley: 'Rocket House'

Gentlemen Take Polaroids - Japan: 'Gentlemen Take Polaroids'
Girl On The Billboard - Del Reeves
Girls On Film - Duran Duran: 'Duran Duran'
My Girl's 3-D - Dominoes
(God Takes A) Photograph - X Marks The Pedwalk: 'Abattoir: The Collection'
God-Forsaken Polaroids - Lesser Birds Of Paradise: 'Suitable Frame'

Half A Photograph - Kay Starr
Harsh Truth Of The Camera Eye - Morrissey: 'Kill Uncle'
Having My Picture Taken - Boomtown Rats: 'The Fine Art Of Surfacing'
Hey Ya - Outkast

I Am A Camera - Buggles: 'Adventures In Modern Recording'
I Am A Camera - Civilian
I Am A Photograph - Amanda Lear
I Get The Picture - Skip Ewing: 'Naturally'
I Have A Photograph - Stone Cupid With Julie Christensen: 'Soul Driver'
I Like Your Photographs - Starflyer 59: 'Leave Here A Stranger'
I'll Wait - Van Halen
I Only Photograph Flowers - Cliff Eidelman: 'Harrison's Flowers'
I Saw Your Photograph - Mu: 'Mu Compilation'
I've Got A Photograph Of You - Spike Milligan: 'Spike Milligan'
I've Got A Secret Miniature Camera - Peter Murphy: 'Pump Up The Volume'
I've Got The Photographs - Kevin Coine: 'Pointing The Finger'
I've Got The Photographs - Crisis Of Faith: 'Land Of The Free'
If I Had A Talking Picture Of You - Belle Baker
Ik verscheurde je foto - Koos Albers
In & Out Of Focus - Focus
In This Old Photograph - Bob Martin: 'Next To Nothin''
Ink Polaroids - C-Tank: 'Nightmares Are Reality'
Ink Polaroids - Mendoza Line: 'I Like You When You're Not Around'
Into The Lens - Yes
Invasion Of The Polaroid People - Kim Fowley: 'Bad News From The Underworld'

Jet-Propelled Photograph (aka Shooting At The Moon) - Soft Machine: 'Jet-Propelled Photographs'
Just An Old Faded Photograph - Hank Thompson: 'Hank Thompson & His Brazos Valley Boys 1946-1964'

Kamera - Wilco: 'Yankee Hotel Foxtrot'
Killing A Camera - Braid
Kirlian Photograph - Cabaret Voltaire: 'Mix-Up'
Kodachrome - Paul Simon

La Photo - Basement Jaxx
Laughin' Louie - Louis Armstrong
Let me Take Your Photo - The Speedies starring Gregory Crewdson (guitar) (1979).
Life And Death Of A Photograph - Gerard Malanga: 'Up From The Archives'
Like A Photograph - Jay Bennett, Edward Burch: 'The Palace At 4am (Part I)'
Living In Polaroid - Feeder: 'Another Yesterday'
Local Boy In The Photograph - Stereophonics: 'Word Gets Around'
Look At My Photograph - Void808: 'For The People'
Lost Photograph - Rob Burger
Lost In A Photograph - Sugarcreek: 'Fortune/Rock The Night/Live'

Magnificent Birds - Laurie Anderson: 'Mr. Heartbreak'
Man In The Lower Left Hand Corner Of The Photograph - Mike Patton: 'Adult Themes For Voice'
Memorabilia - Soft Cell
Mental Picture - Jon Secada: 'The Specialist Soundtrack'
Mina's Photo - Bram Stoker's Dracula Soundtrack
My Funny Valentine - (Rodgers & Hart) Chet Baker

Nega (Photograph Blues) - Gilberto Gil: 'Gilberto 1971'
Negative For Francis Shot Through Gauze - Rothko: 'A Negative For Francis'
No Photographs - Lost European: 'Images'
Now Like Photographs - Six Parts Seven: 'Things Shaped In Passing'
Nudie Pix - Storm Troopers Of Death

O My Photograph - New York Gong: 'About Time'
Old 8x10 - Randy Travis: 'Old 8x10'
Old Faded Photograph - Rex Griffin: 'Last Letter'
Old Faded Photograph - Ernest Tubb: 'Waltz Across Texas'
Old Photograph - Sadao Watanabe: 'Sweet Deal'
Old Pictures - The Judds
One 8x10 Framed In Gold - Hilda Gonzalkez: 'A Big Smoking Gun'
Out Of The Picture - Son Volt

Papa maakt een mooie foto - Lenny Kuhr: 'Panta Rhei'
Martin Parr - Vincent Delerm: 'Quinze Chansons'
People Take Pictures Of Each Other - The Kinks
The Perfect Picture (To Fit My Frame Of Mind) - Doug Supernaw
Photo Finish - Chris Ledoux
Photo Jenny - Belle & Sebastian
Photo Maxi - BBE
Photo Shop - BIS
The Photo Song - Holger Czukay (ex CAN)
Photograph - Blue Rodeo: 'Five Days In July'
Photograph - Def Leppard: 'Pyromania'
Photograph - Ghoul: 'Kill The Kitten'
Photograph (Double Exposure) - Melanie
Photograph - REM
Photograph - Ringo Starr: 'Ringo'
Photograph - Verve Pipe: 'Villians'
A Photograph - The Marianna Prosperity: 'Salvage'
Photograph Of Nothing - Joe Deveau
A Photograph Of You - Depèche Mode
Photograph Smile- Julian Lennon
The Photographer - Philip Glass
The Photographers - Grit Laskin
Photographic - Depèche Mode: 'Speak & Spell'
Photographic Smile - Mr. Big
My Photographs - The Green Pajamas: 'Indian Winter'
Photographs And Memories - Jim Croce: 'Photographs And Memories'
Photography - Starting Line: 'Based On A True Story'
Photophobia - Cabaret Voltaire: 'Mix-Up'
Picture - Kid Rock & Sheryl Crow
Picture Book - Simply Red
Picture Me - Republica
Picture Of Me (Without You) - Lorrie Morgan: 'Something In Red'
Picture Perfect - Angela Via
Picture Perfect Morning - Edie Brickell
Picture Perfect World - Avalon
Picture This - Beastie Boys
Picture This - Blondie
Picture Windows - Darren Housholder
Picture Of You - Boy Zone
Pictures - Pieter de Mast: 'Vista'
Pictures - Boomtang Boys Featuring Kim Esty
Pictures Of Home - Deep Purple
Pictures Of Lily - The Who
Pictures Of Matchstick Men - Camper Van Beethoven
Pictures Of Me - Elliot Smith
Pictures Of My Wall - Echo & The Bunnymen
Pictures Of War - Eric Serra: '5th Element Soundtrack'
Pictures Of You - The Cure: 'Disintegration'
Pictures Of You - Berlin
Pictures Of Your Skin - Anouk
Polaroid - Evangeline: Felt Like Home
Polaroid Baby - Bratmobile: Pottymouth
Polaroid Girl - Massive Attack
Polaroid Portrait - 68 Comeback: 'Love Always Wins'
Polaroids - Shawn Colvin: 'Fat City'
Pretty Pictures - Blinker The Star

Send Me Some Lovin - Sam Cooke
She's Got You - Patsy Cline
(She Just Went) Out Of Focus - Framed, starring Michelle Williams
Si La Photo Est Bonne - Barbara
Slideshow - Travis: 'The Man Who'
Slightly Out Of Focus - Gary Hirstius
The Smell Of Our Own - The Hidden Cameras
Snapshot - Tommy Bolin
Snapshot - Roger Glover & Guilty Party
Snapshot - Rupaul
Sparks in a dark room - Minny Pops ( LP titel uit 1980)
The Sun - Maroon5 (Songs about Jane)

Take Another Picture - Quarterflash
Take My Picture - Filter
Ted, Just Admit It - Jane's Addiction
35 Mm Camera Shutter Sound - Spectacular Sound Effects, Vol. 1 & 2
This Is The Picture - Peter Gabriel: 'So'
This Year's Girl - Elvis Costello
Turning Japanese - The Vapors: 'New Clear Days'

Viewfinder - Pullman

What's Wrong With This Picture? - Van Morisson: 'What's Wrong With This Picture?'
Where Do I Fit Into The Picture - Clay Walker
Who Needs Pictures - Brad Paisley
Wishing (If I Had A Photograph Of You) - Flock Of Seagulls: 'Listen'

You Fit Into The Picture - Fats Waller

Der Zar läßt sich photographieren - Kurt Weill